About Us

The North Coast Unit has been in existence for more than 37 years and is comprised of women from the north coastal communities of San Diego County with a common interest in serving and helping children at their most vulnerable time of need. We are a fun, enthusiastic, and intelligent group of women with a shared goal to ensure that Rady Children’s Hospital continues to be one of the finest medical facilities in the country.

The monies raised through our events go directly to the designated department of our choice and make a tangible difference.

Meetings for the North Coast Unit are conducted on the 3rd Tuesday of every month to discuss hospital and unit issues, as well as planning for our fund-raising events.  We welcome visitors who may be interested in learning more about our unit and how to make a difference in the life of a child.

2020-21 Unit Members 2020-21 Board Members
Lisa Callenbach Shellie Torstensson (Unit Chair)
Christine De Sanctis Lindsay Goldsmith (Treasurer)
Jan Hale Stephanie Neill (Secretary)
Teresa Leitstein Thyme Osborne (Secretary)
Maureen Lucewicz Susan Duffy (Membership/Website)
Valorie Medina Carol Higgins (Ways & Means)
Lacey Morgan Michelle Stromberg (Ways & Means)
Laura Ngo Emily Klawans (Hospital Liaison)
LeAnn Rytz Susan Bannon (Hospital Liaison)
Eva Schiess Karen Zegras (Historian/Social)
Laura Stearn Tami Harelson (Social)
Kelly Stickney
Jeannie Watkins
Coleen Young

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Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary
3020 Children’s Way, MC 5013
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 966-5887