Junior Auxiliary

Founded in September 2014, the Junior Auxiliary will be open to young adults from the 7th grade and up.  The actual auxiliary member will need to be a current member. We will be keeping the membership to our unit for now.

There will be a $30 membership fee (that will go to our unit)

We are hoping to promote a comfortable arena where our children can learn the value of volunteering, giving of their time, their talents and ideas for a worthy cause.

Last year the kids raised over $1000 and became Jr. Miracle Makers. They donated the funds last year to the Healing Environment at the hospital.

Fundraisers By the Junior Auxiliary:

Restaurant Night

Shoe Drive

Letters for Santa


We hope they can help the unit in the following areas:

Celebration of Champions

Brown Bags

Jersey Mikes

Bernardy Center Party


Addressing Envelopes

Setting up events if venue will allow

Possible help to other auxiliaries


Our goal is for them to become Junior Miracle Makers. (Raise $500 or more for Rady Children’s Hospital)

This will be a positive environment to help and grow with the unit.